African pride

Welcome to Lion Roleplay wiki!This wiki is where you can roleplay lions and lioness in prides.Have a great time?{NOTE:If you ever need help,ask the Founder.

Role Playing Prides

Africa Pride:.Founded by Moonstar. Lead by Daisy and John, this is a strong pride.

Umbongo Pride:Founded by Sir Rock, Lead by KUF008 and KUM009, this is a determine pride and a close family.

Xhosa Pride:Founded by Sir Rock. Lead by Zaira and KXM006. This pride is fiesty who defend their territory fiercly.

Zulus Pride:Founded by Sir Rock. Lead by Savanna and KZM006. This pride is calmer pride but they are protective of their cubs.

Moon Pride:Founded by ~Moonstar~ This pride is for all lions who have died. If your lion died place their name and IC Dode under the Members list and under History the when and how they died.

Non-Role Playing Prides

We don't have any yet.You have to ask Moonstar to create a non-Roleplaying pride.

ID Codes

This is how codes work.K stands for Kruger Nationtal Park, the first letter of the pride stands for it's pride, Z for Zulus, A for Africa, X for Xhosa and U for Umbongo. The Next letter simple stands for the gender of the animal F for Female or M for Male. Lastly all ID Codes end in a three digit number, 001 stands for which number the lion/lioness was indentifided. No pride has two lions with the same ID Code.

Here's an example, KZF005 or Savanna

K means this lives in Kruger National Park

Z means this lion was born in the Zulus Pride

F meaned this lion is a female

005 means this lion was the fifth lion identified in the Zulus.


Main users who can help with any questions.

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Offical Partners

These are our Parnters .To became one of them,ask Moonstar.

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